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The Voice In Your Head

We’re starting off Season 3 of the Dare to Fail Podcast with a special message from Nick Hexum of 311 ! I hope you’re as excited as I am! This episode kicks us off for another season that’s dedicated to moving forward regardless of what that inner-critic (the voice in you head!) may be saying to you. So let’s face our fears and jump right in!

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Nagging Fears and the 24th Episode Thank You

In this end of Season 2 of the Dare to Fail Podcast, I spend time focusing on the biggest obstacle to personal development: FEAR. I also talk about my Los Angeles trips and give a special reading of Joseph Campbell’s most helpful quote when dealing with your fears. Thank you to all of those who have stuck with me through 24 episodes! There will be many more to come. Love you all!

Books Referenced:

Reflections on the Art of Living: A Joseph Campbell Companion. Edited by Diane K Osbon

Zen and the Art of Making a Living by Laurence G. Boldt

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Unapologetically YOU

Too often in life we become people-pleasers instead of courageous explorers of our own dreams and desires. We apologize for who we are instead of embracing it and celebrating it by putting our truth out in the world. This podcast is dedicated to becoming the type of person who doesn’t apologize for who they are.

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How to Start Over

What do we do after we’ve decided that it’s time to move on from something unhealthy? Just as the writer must face the blank page every day, so to must the person starting over. In this podcast, I talk about how to face that blank page which is now your life with courage and excitement instead of fear and uncertainty. It’s time to get pumped about the new life you are creating for yourself. Let’s dig in!

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Time to Leave?

Often times things that were once good for us can make an ugly turn for the worst, and we must face the difficult question: Is it time to leave? Whether it’s relationships, jobs, or artistic endeavors, knowing when it’s time to move on is key to maintaining forward momentum on your journey towards living your best life. This podcast can help guide you through the storm.

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Artist Interview - Mike Johnston

World renowned musician Mike Johnston shares his story about creating the groundbreaking online drum lesson’s website, after having walked away from a successful touring career and starting his own business from ground zero. Mike’s true passion in life is teaching. What started as a decision to pursue what brought him the most joy has turned into a career that’s even beyond the imagination of Mike himself, reaching students from all walks of life, from all areas of the globe, with one goal in mind—to “crack the code” to teaching. And he’s done just that. Regardless if you are a drummer or not, Mike’s personal philosophy of positivity and value above profit are aspects that will benefit you on any journey in your life that requires learning.

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Adam Brooks Interview

Adam Brooks is a motivational speaker, youth awareness and safety consultant, writer, and educator who has carved a unique career path for himself. Graciously, he’s taken the time to share his story and wisdom on the things that matter most to him and how he became a beacon of inspiration for personal development. It’s impossible to not be inspired by Adam! Enjoy!

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F the Naysayers

When you are truly on the path of going after what you want in life, it’s inevitable that some naysayers will arise, including the biggest one—yourself! Pushing through your own inner critic and the negativity you may receive from those around you are the topic of this 7th episode of the Dare to Fail Podcast.

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Vulnerability 1.0

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of personal growth is the courage it takes to allow yourself to be seen—in other words, to deal with the feelings of vulnerability. In this first of many more episodes to come on the topic of vulnerability, Brandon shares his most vulnerable moment and how to move through those challenging feelings when everything in you is telling you to stop.

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Artist Interview - Brian Willey of Madd Dog Tannen

Have you ever wondered if you can create your art and still have a family? In this first artist interview, Brandon interviews longtime friend and local Phoenix musician Brian Willey of the band Madd Dog Tannen who has successfully done just that—full-time family man with a full-time job and a rockin’ band that has done very well on the local Phoenix, Arizona scene, consistently opening up shows for Authority Zero and The Adicts. Brian speaks on how he’s managed to juggle the demands of family life, perseverance, and his most embarrassing moments on stage.

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Building Confidence

Having confidence in life is often a make or break element in virtually anything you want to do. But how can you build confidence if you don’t yet have any? This episode explore simple exercises you can do to slowly build your confidence through ordinary activities, gives stories about asking for what you want in life, and reads the very first fan letter.

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Dealing with your Flaws

Risking the unknown, stepping out of your comfort-zone and truly going after the things you want in life are the focus of this Podcast. I am Brandon, an aspiring musician/actor/entertainer who wants you to become a fearless badass in your pursuit of your best self. I will share all I have learned on my own personal journey after quitting a soul-sucking day job, fumbling through tons of self-help books, life-coaches, wizardry (just kidding), and pursuing my own dreams, all in hopes that you can learn from my mistakes and ultimately gain the courage to go out an make your own.

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