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Unapologetically YOU

Too often in life we become people-pleasers instead of courageous explorers of our own dreams and desires. We apologize for who we are instead of embracing it and celebrating it by putting our truth out in the world. This podcast is dedicated to becoming the type of person who doesn’t apologize for who they are.

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F the Naysayers

When you are truly on the path of going after what you want in life, it’s inevitable that some naysayers will arise, including the biggest one—yourself! Pushing through your own inner critic and the negativity you may receive from those around you are the topic of this 7th episode of the Dare to Fail Podcast.

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Vulnerability 1.0

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of personal growth is the courage it takes to allow yourself to be seen—in other words, to deal with the feelings of vulnerability. In this first of many more episodes to come on the topic of vulnerability, Brandon shares his most vulnerable moment and how to move through those challenging feelings when everything in you is telling you to stop.

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