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Artist Interview - Tommy Collins

It’s interviews like these that make the Dare to Fail Podcast what it is. Tommy has been a touring musician for the better part of his life, traveling through Europe with numerous bands, braving the LA life, and finally finding where he wants to be most. Tommy could also be Brad Pitt’s shorter brother! In all seriousness, this interview goes deep into the curve balls that life throws at you, and how to come out the other end in a good way. You can find Tommy and his works at the links below. Enjoy!



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Artist Interview - Mike Johnston

World renowned musician Mike Johnston shares his story about creating the groundbreaking online drum lesson’s website, after having walked away from a successful touring career and starting his own business from ground zero. Mike’s true passion in life is teaching. What started as a decision to pursue what brought him the most joy has turned into a career that’s even beyond the imagination of Mike himself, reaching students from all walks of life, from all areas of the globe, with one goal in mind—to “crack the code” to teaching. And he’s done just that. Regardless if you are a drummer or not, Mike’s personal philosophy of positivity and value above profit are aspects that will benefit you on any journey in your life that requires learning.

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Artist Interview - Jane Goat

Lettering artist, muralist, and illustrator Jane Goat is crushing it with her visually gorgeous designs that are popping up all over Phoenix, Arizona. She’s literally painting the sides of buildings for the entire city to experience, and is continuously being commissioned for her gorgeous work. She graciously took the time to share her story about her journey, and how it has lead her to be an in-demand artist whose work is literally transforming a city into a visually appealing, respectable arts district hub. Oh, and we also talk about about Game of Thrones for a hot minute, her views on what it takes to make it as an artist, and the vulnerability all artists must face. It’s chock-full of information and good times! She’s the real deal, artists! Enjoy

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Artist Interview - Persevering Brothers

DJ and Chris have been creating music together for most of their lives, and they have come a long ways on their personal journeys. I caught up with them before their reunion show of Housman’s Athletes to talk about how much they’ve grown, their best and worst concerts, and some nostalgic moments from our high school band The Lame-O’s. Starting from being teenagers to now 30 year-olds, it’s an incredible interview on how we mature into our chosen art forms and learn how to become better people

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Adam Brooks Interview

Adam Brooks is a motivational speaker, youth awareness and safety consultant, writer, and educator who has carved a unique career path for himself. Graciously, he’s taken the time to share his story and wisdom on the things that matter most to him and how he became a beacon of inspiration for personal development. It’s impossible to not be inspired by Adam! Enjoy!

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Artist Interview - Brian Willey of Madd Dog Tannen

Have you ever wondered if you can create your art and still have a family? In this first artist interview, Brandon interviews longtime friend and local Phoenix musician Brian Willey of the band Madd Dog Tannen who has successfully done just that—full-time family man with a full-time job and a rockin’ band that has done very well on the local Phoenix, Arizona scene, consistently opening up shows for Authority Zero and The Adicts. Brian speaks on how he’s managed to juggle the demands of family life, perseverance, and his most embarrassing moments on stage.

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