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Artist Interview - Jane Goat

Lettering artist, muralist, and illustrator Jane Goat is crushing it with her visually gorgeous designs that are popping up all over Phoenix, Arizona. She’s literally painting the sides of buildings for the entire city to experience, and is continuously being commissioned for her gorgeous work. She graciously took the time to share her story about her journey, and how it has lead her to be an in-demand artist whose work is literally transforming a city into a visually appealing, respectable arts district hub. Oh, and we also talk about about Game of Thrones for a hot minute, her views on what it takes to make it as an artist, and the vulnerability all artists must face. It’s chock-full of information and good times! She’s the real deal, artists! Enjoy

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Vulnerability 1.0

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of personal growth is the courage it takes to allow yourself to be seen—in other words, to deal with the feelings of vulnerability. In this first of many more episodes to come on the topic of vulnerability, Brandon shares his most vulnerable moment and how to move through those challenging feelings when everything in you is telling you to stop.

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Dealing with your Flaws

Risking the unknown, stepping out of your comfort-zone and truly going after the things you want in life are the focus of this Podcast. I am Brandon, an aspiring musician/actor/entertainer who wants you to become a fearless badass in your pursuit of your best self. I will share all I have learned on my own personal journey after quitting a soul-sucking day job, fumbling through tons of self-help books, life-coaches, wizardry (just kidding), and pursuing my own dreams, all in hopes that you can learn from my mistakes and ultimately gain the courage to go out an make your own.

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